To the Restaurant Services at the Cistercian Abbey of Zwettl in Austria. You have chosen to stop by and look for information at a monastery, where for centuries tradition was and still is an integrated part of the kitchen chores.

We want to keep this tradition alive. Let us regale you. Enjoy the specialties of our region: Potatoes, carps and poppy seeds have been cultivated and tended as traditional products for hundreds of years. Be surprised of how manifold these basic products can be refined. Let these treats be accompanied by wines of the Abbey’s own cellars at the Castle of Gobelsburg.

We have taken over the restaurants at the Abbey of Zwettl in 2009: with classic Austrian and regional cooking and high standards for services for our guests.

We will be glad to organize private or business events on your behalf, be it a family tour to this beautiful region of northern Austria or a family feast (e.g. baptism of a new family member, birthday celebrations, private or business anniversaries, or a funeral luncheon).

We would also like to be at hand, when you plan a group excursion or a feast for elderly persons.

We organize something special during Advent. In the Orangery of the Abbey we will show our annual Gingerbread Houses Arts Exhibition to the public. Opening hours every day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. It is the only gingerbread arts exhibition in Europe. Every year 800 to 1000 working hours will be needed to create and produce the new edible marvels.

We could go on and on to cover all our activities but come yourself and see and taste!

Our Abbey Restaurant is a place

… where Mom does not have to cook
… where one can eat and drink at ease
… where you will be surprised
… where every dish is prepared fresh and where you’ll have to wait for it exactly as long as you do at home

Welcome on the Internet pages of the Restaurant Services at the Cistercian Abbey of Zwettl!

Sincerely yours,
Peter Forstner and his team